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- This could be any aspect of Survival, giving you an insight into an area that you may like to cover more. A quick Introduction into Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, could also be based around Primitive Weapons, Hunting, Forraging etc. This enables us to gage  your interests and allows you to be able to sign up for your own workshop/courses.

• Aprox. 1.5 hours class - 15€ per adult - 10€ per youth /child
NOTE : All of our classes and workshops are open meaning that others may join the group, if you  would like the time exclusively to your group, the price per person will increase. Please consult us on this.


• 3 hour class - 35 € per adult - 25€ per teen - 15€ for child (under 12 years)
• 5 hour workshop - 85 € per adult – 50€ per teen - 30€ for child (under 12 years)

• 8 hour workshop - 100 € per adult – 85 € per teen - 60€ for child (under 12 years)
If you want to stay for more than one day, we have camping available.


FRIDAYS - YOUNG PERSONS SURVIVAL - 12 - 17 years - 15.00 - 18.00

• Every Friday something different to take part in - 20€ per youth

4 HOUR CHALLENGE - For people that have already taken part  in workshops.
• 4 hours - 40 € per adult – 25€ per youth/child

TEAMBUILDING DAYS  - 125€ per person  - 6- 8 hours aprox. Minimum 8 people – Closed Group
-lunch, dinner & camping included if required.

from 2– 10 days Lessons and Practical  - 85€ per person including camping & self catering
(Discounts for larger groups)
Meals can be arranged at an extra cost.

PRICES FOR EXCLUSIVE GROUPS   -  Please ask for a quote
For larger groups  prices do decrease per person, depending on number of participants - Please consult us if you are interested in bringing your own group to us.

48 HOUR CHALLENGE300€ per person 
72 HOUR CHALLENGE• 450€ per person
Please contact  us for more information on these challenges.


SEPTEMBER OFFER  - for minimum 4 people – 60€ per person per day and/or night
5 hour workshop – You can come and camp in our tents or own made shelters or just come for the day
SUMMERCAMP 13 – 17 years – 335€  - 5 days

JULY        - TURN 1   - Fri 5th July - Tue  9th July

                - TURN 2   - Mon 15th  July  - Fri 19th July 

AUGUST  - TURN 3  - Mon 5th Aug  - Fri 9th Aug

                 - TURN 4  - Mon 12th Aug  - Fri 16th Aug 

TEEN SPECIAL  - 13 – 17 years  65 - 85€ -  per day - normally 2 weeks (ask for details)
 More Complexed & Comprehensive Courses Available - 
Plus "Out There" having the chance to practice what you have learned in the wild! - EXCLUSIVE - Ask for Quote

Please contact us by Submission Form, E-mail or Telephone Call / Whatsapp regarding quotes or bookings. - 0034 642089877

Courses - Classes - Workshops

Cursos - Clases - Talleres

At Eagles Survival Training, our aim is to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to apply Survival and Bushcraft techniques that you've been assembling gear for and learning about through videos. These are ancient skills once crucial for our ancestors, but often forgotten in our modern, technology-driven world. Imagine a scenario where there's no electricity tomorrow, or you're faced with a disaster—would you and your family be able to survive? Do you even know where to start?

It's time to ponder these questions seriously. Perhaps you're here with similar thoughts in mind!

We provide a diverse array of classes, courses, and workshops tailored to your needs.

Take a look for yourself, and if you require further information or assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to have a conversation with you about what you're seeking!

¡En Eagles Survival Training, nuestro objetivo es equiparte con las habilidades y la confianza necesarias para aplicar técnicas de Supervivencia y Bushcraft, para las cuales has estado recopilando equipo y aprendiendo a través de videos. Estas son habilidades antiguas que alguna vez fueron cruciales para nuestros ancestros, pero que a menudo se olvidan en nuestro mundo moderno impulsado por la tecnología. Imagina un escenario en el que no haya electricidad mañana, o te enfrentes a un desastre; ¿podrías tú y tu familia sobrevivir? ¿Sabes por dónde empezar siquiera?

Es hora de reflexionar seriamente sobre estas preguntas. ¡Quizás estés aquí con pensamientos similares en mente!

Ofrecemos una amplia gama de clases, cursos y talleres adaptados a tus necesidades.

Echa un vistazo por ti mismo, y si necesitas más información o asistencia, no dudes en comunicarte con nosotros. ¡Estamos aquí para conversar contigo sobre lo que estás buscando!

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